Saturday, March 3, 2012

Tweet and Retweet...

...were sitting on a fence.  Tweet fell off.  Who was left?

So, after having the blocking filter fixed at our school, I was finally able to try Tweeting with my students.  I attempted it with my smallest class, Geometry.  I had a few students that said they preferred to not tweet, and I informed them that I respected their choice.  Out of (now) 15 students, I had 6 actively engaged in the tweeting activity.  I found out shortly after that a few students were only pretending to tweet along with me, and three others spent this time just setting up a twitter account.

On a very slightly related note, yesterday I had my 9th Graders develop their own behavior rules and consequences for computer lab days, and they were the most on task they have ever been.  Thank you LeAnn Nutter for that idea!

Before I try tweeting with my Geometry class, I will probably have this same discussion with them about rules and see if that helps.  If any reader has a suggestion, please let me know!


  1. I have tried phone activities before in class and found that not everyone has a phone and those that do might not have a smart one. So I have had them partner up to do stuff.

    That might work and have them set up a twitter for homework and follow your school page. Might save some time. Plus you could see who is on. Then those that don't do the twitter could write their's on note cards they have to turn into you at the end of the activity.

    1. I like the note card idea! Thanks. I have access to a mobile laptop lab everyday, so the students that do not have phones use the laptops (life saver).