Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Revisiting my Goals

Almost two months, I posted about my goals for the next school year.  I thought today would be a good day to review my goals and see if I have made any progress to achieving them.

Goal 1:  Use a real grade book.

I still feel strongly about achieving this goal.  I don't have much of an update on this one.

Goal 2: Have ALL of my Algebra 1 students at 65% or above at midyear.

This goal I must update because I have found out that I will not be teaching Algebra 1 this coming year.  Instead, I will change this goal to having all of my geometry students at 65% or above at midterm.

Goal 3: Develop a recover day plan.

This goal will also need to be updated as I won't be teaching Algebra 1 next year.  I have decided that I really want to make a contract for technology use in my classroom.  I hope to have this plan developed by the beginning of the school year.

Goal 4: Reflect and revisit my goals once a month.

This being almost two months later, I was very close to meeting this goal.  I will try better next time!

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