Thursday, December 22, 2011

Game Over

Today was a landmark day!  My students finished presenting their game demos!  I am so proud of them, and happy that they have accomplished something great.  I spoke to them today about the entire experience.  They did have mixed emotions.  I was really surprised by the number of students that said they wished we had spent more time on the math end of things.  I think that if they would have had more time to actually develop a game, they would have seen the connection more.  I am going to work hard next semester to bring a better balance to the two sides of the coin.

I am also feeling accomplished, because I feel like I just reached a landmark as well.  I have just successfully finished my first Globaloria course, and I am sad to see my students go.  A few of my students really wish that they had more time to work on their game ideas, and I would like to see a finished product.

I almost forgot!  I was going to write about my experience with the structured Powerpoint and  The two lessons that I presented this way really seemed to have a big impact.  I am getting really excited to go full force with this teach-nology this coming semester!

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  1. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing the comments from your students. You have done a terrific job this semester and we are proud of YOU!

    Good luck with the next semester's class. Your experiences in the integration model will help us to improve the curriculum for everyone.

    Happy New Year!!