Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yesterday I decided to try a new performance monitoring system in my classroom. It is called soapbox and functions very similar to the cps system from einstruction. It is still a beta version so there a few bugs, but overall it seemed to work really nicely. I really enjoyed how I could ask my students a question and they would all answer. I also allowed them to use their cellphones if they had the capability to do so to access the tool. It really seemed to increase engagement overall, but plan to keep taking notes on this new project.

Today, I expanded the project to my younger students. We had a few hitches along the way, but I really do feel that with practice this will get better. Since the semester is almost over, my second semester classes will get to use the program from the get go. Establishing this norm from the beginning will also be a plus.

What are some things you the reader would like to see and hear about as our school year unfold? I am really looking forward to blogging about my we go!

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