Thursday, July 26, 2012

Goal Time

So it's almost time to start school.  There is a little more than two weeks before it all starts.  I'm working on lessons for my new class, Algebra III; as well as working on the Geometry portion of Math I.  I am pretty excited about the transition!  Anyways, it's time to reflect on my goals for this school year:

Goal 1:  Use a real grade book.

I still feel strongly about achieving this goal.  I don't have much of an update on this one. UPDATE: I have the paper grade book, and it is ready to go!

Goal 2: Have all of my Geometry students at 65% or above at midterm.

I am preparing some very engaging lessons and I hope that this will help with my goal.  I plan on using some lessons geared towards the new integrated math model we are moving too the following school year.  This may or may not help... we shall see and I will keep you updated!

Goal 3: Make a contract for technology use in my classroom.

Well I haven't really started on it.  Now that I have my classroom together, I think I will be able get this goal accomplished! (Writing down on my notepad...)

Goal 4: Reflect and revisit my goals once a month.

This is the second time I was late, but it seems like two months is doable.  I will try really really really hard to make it on time next month.  Promise! :)

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